The Swan Cask Menu

The Swan Cask is open!

We’re back, virtually! We’re pleased to announce the opening of The Swan Cask (folks of The Single Cask and The Swan Song), online every Friday 9pm - 1am via Zoom.

We may be closed for the time being but that does not mean we all have to live in our shells. We miss your laughter, stories and good company! You can join us and your friends at the bar for chat about whisky, life and everything else under the sun or night sky.

And just like going to a bar, feel free to purchase a dram sample (in 20ml) or two from The Swan Cask’s special menu and join us. This special menu is made up of different offerings from both SS and TSC which can be purchased from the respective webpage links below.

SS’s dram samples

TSC’s dram samples

All purchases of any amount from this special menu will have access to the virtual bar The Swan Cask and it’s free delivery with no minimum spending. Compliementary chips and the Zoom link to join will be provided with each purchase. Delivery for the purchased dram samples will be made to your doorstep on every Thursday afternoon.

We might be separated by distance but not in the heart. So we hope this will replicate as much as possible the actual bar experience that you miss and love at The Swan Song or at The Single Cask. Looking forward to be seeing each of you “at the bar”!

Meanwhile, stay home and stay safe everyone!

- TSC x SS