About Us

The Good Place is the brainchild of the co-founders of The Swan Song, a whisky bar in Singapore dedicated to good whisky and in particular vintage and rare whisky.

What started out first as a small passion project between like-minded individuals back in 2017, The Swan Song has quickly established itself to be one of the leading whisky bars in Singapore and garnered a cult following of whisky lovers. It comes as no surprise The Swan Song needs to play a bigger role in the local whisky community and industry - hence the envisioning of The Good Place. 

The Good Place is a specialist retailer that carries a good range of whisky and other fine spirits, and confectionery. Purveyor of all things that are good, warms the heart and nourishes the soul.

Like The Swan Song, The Good Place aims to create a thriving social space where one can take a brief respite in the hustle of everyday life, meet people, create new experiences and discover the simple joys of life through its retail and various experiential offerings.

We hope you will have a good time shopping at our store. 



The Good Place